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Frequently Asked Questions

Why PutinStresser IP Stresser?

PutinStresser staff has many years of experience in the IT, Cyber and much more, Choosing our products will be one of the best things you can do for your business since our support is here for you 24/7, we have the most advanced tools around the web and the most important thing is that everything we have is 100% unique!

But what about my privacy?

Your secrets are kept with us, PutinStresser is the first to encrypt the user's data online and does not save any cryptography keys which means your information is always safe!

Do I need a VIP package?

a VIP package is an account having a membership that allowing him to stress test with priority using our special servers which means accounts with that kind of membership will enjoy more power, more methods, and more fun!

Why Should I use a stress testing service?

Stress testing service has been created to help webmasters, IT and cyber experts around the world to analyze their own servers, websites firewall, and internet configuration and actually it allows you to:

- Check your website/server/firewall/load balancer configuration to see how it deals with heavy traffic.

- Test if your product can work with low latency under heavy traffic.

- See how your product is handling hackers' attacks that do want to take your business down.

- Help you fight against hackers attack by testing your product under unusual situations and use our analyzing tools to migrate it.

- Avoid downtimes by testing your website or server once in a while.

- Maintenance your product correctly with our smart tools.

- Low-cost and efficient Stress-testing tool.

- See how your product reacts to heavy load around coming across the globe and handle it correctly.

Do you have API?

Yes! PutinStresser.me API system is written in NodeJS to send and stop attacks as fast as possible. Access is enabled in plans, starting from AHILEJ.